With the aid of my sponsors, La Chica is under going a major refit at Pine Harbour Marina. The refit includes, repairing hull damage due to Hurricane Luis (St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles 1995), The keel has been deepened, the electrical system overhauled and due to having to remove most of the starboard interior woodwork to enable the hull repair work to be done, the interior woodwork is now also being redone.

One of the most interesting changes being made to La Chica is her conversion from a gaff ketch to a junk rigged schooner. This is being done primarily for ease of handling. I hope to demonstrate just how easy it is to handle and to make the paraplegic and blind sailing groups aware of the rig and its potential. Data generated from this conversion will also be used by Johnson Yachts International Ltd to refine the junk rig for a client, who has ordered a 65ft junk rigged schooner from them.